What I actually bought: Back to the Cute Life

Since getting a job and having two minor surgeries, I’ve found that while I don’t normally splurge on things for myself in my day-to-day life, I go BANANAS with my debit card when I’m in pain.

Last month, after a routine (well, every 5 years) IUD reinsertion, I splurged on both of Lime Crime’s Velvetines. I thought I would like Suedeberry better than Red Velvet, given my penchant for corals over true reds, but I have to say that RV is far and away my favorite of the two:

Last Friday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Here is a very attractive picture of me from immediately after the procedure. I could not fully feel my face until the following morning.

This time, I turned the bananas-level up a notch, from like, one bunch of bananas to two or three bushels of bananas. While on Vicodin (I keep saying this as if it absolves me from spending poorly), I purchased two wigs, some colored contact lenses, a pair of shoes, a new bra, some weird chicken cutlet push up thingies for said bra, and some heart-shaped sunglasses (that I literally forgot about until today).

So at the very least I have the basics for what promises to be a really awesome Halloween costume.

I’m very excited for this wig, not only because it was only $13.99, but because it is the exact color I have been trying to explain to my hair colorist for ages:

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Much of what I purchased I found for super cheap and is coming from faraway places. I will report back with regard to quality, etc. once they arrive in a month or so.

I’m also super excited to forget I bought all these things, so when they come in the mail it will be like surprise Christmas.

Next up: supporting cute fat art, and a seriousbusiness post about intersections of cute, fat, and queer.

Big Fat Flea in NYC Tomorrow!

Last year I went to the Big Fat Flea in NYC for research, fat community, and, of course, shopping. I mentioned the Flea in my post on fat clothing swaps, but I wanted to make a separate post about the Big Fat Flea to remind anyone in the NYC area to GO! GO! GO! It’s such an amazing experience and is so affordable and there is so much great stuff. Nothing is over $10, and admission is also only $10. Located at NYU Law School (40 Washington Sq South), the event begins at 10:30 and goes til 6 pm.

Flea volunteers model donated clothing, via bigfatflea.tumblr.com

I attended the flea last year, and after everything was over I escaped to a cafe in Chelsea with my friend and Flea volunteer Jenn Leyva, where I interviewed her about her experience volunteering and shopping at the Big Fat Flea for her first time.

Me, holding up some sort of product called ‘Blondie’ at the cafe where Jenn and I met up. Whatever, it was cute.

Over lattes and croissants we spent the first several minutes of conversation going over the pre-Flea volunteer coordination details, and Jenn’s specific experience being in charge of the masculine clothing area (heads up, fatties: BFF aims to cater to all, with both masculine clothing and clothing 5x+). We talked about the importance of staying gender-neutral and queer-friendly and body-positive, and how adept the organizers of the Flea are at these things because they are enmeshed in their community and take great pains to make sure politics turn to practice.

Jenn Leyva about to say something smart.

Near the end of Jenn’s summary of her experience, I think we got into some really important things that are potentially useful to others who are interested in going to the Flea (which I highly suggest you do if you can!) and that relate to politics of fat fashion, accessibility, and fat community building and resource sharing: Continue reading

Cute Life Accessories: My “once I get a job” fantasy shopping list

I am currently job searching, which can start to feel pretty soul-destroying after awhile. While I have a lot going on, and am putting in many hours at Plump, I am also daydreaming about the inevitable and irresponsible shopping spree that will follow my first paycheck once I am hired somewhere. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

These undies by indie lingerie-maker Knickerocker, which vary in price from $10-56 and can be custom-made in larger sizes:

Red panties with pink hearts and mesh sides, $26

Kitty face panties with ears, $56

Kitty face panties with ears, $56


Pink unicorn and rainbow panties, $28

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How To: Host a Clothing Swap

tumblr_m6yw9atpiB1qjlpumo4_1280There are several reasons that I love fat clothing swaps. They are a great way to make new friends (if you aren’t too shy!) and change up your wardrobe at the same time. They are also usually a nice space to explore different style choices and get lots of compliments in a fabulously body-positive atmosphere. And, if you’re fat and sized out of most mall stores, plus-size swaps offer very important resources that you don’t usually have access to (namely, clothing that fits for Goodwill-prices or–better yet!–free).

Some swaps are huge and benefit important non-profits, like next week’s Big Fat Flea in NYC whose proceeds go to NOLOSE (and is less of a “swap” I guess, but is similar in purpose). Others are fancy affairs organized by fashion bloggers and activists with sponsors like Lush cosmetics (see 2011′s The Gold and the Beautiful for a great example of this). Local chapters of non-profit groups like NAAFA often hold swaps for their members. But my favorite kind of swap is the kind you do in your living room with 10-30 of your friends and several full-length mirrors.
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Cute Crafting: Avatar Trinket Boxes

Icon Box03I’m a sucker for avatar generators of all kinds, especially when I can make my mini-me as cute & chubby as I am (I’m really into my BitStrips character right now because she’s super fat). Awhile back my boyfriend introduced me to the Square Face Icon Generator, which is pretty adorable–he uses his for all of his social media icons now. I had some free time today so I decided to follow their tutorial for making 3-d cubes out of your square. Click through for the adorable results & instructions: Continue reading