Weight loss shenanigans

(Originally post at riotsnotdiets)


A friend sent me a link to this commercial yesterday, her only words being “have you seen this?”. I’m easily intrigued, so I immediately hit play. This commercial is… brilliant. It’s creepy, mysterious, kind of sexy, intriguingly foreign… the kind of commercial you watch until the end because you NEED to know what happens. This feeling, of course, doesn’t happen often with commercials—which is why I say it’s “brilliant”. Its message, however, is blatantly anti-fat and it quickly becomes emblematic of everything that’s wrong with societal conceptions of fatness: it’s the fucking fantasy of being thin all over again. So I read the YouTube comments expecting to see at least SOME “this shit is bullshit” type comments, but instead it’s all a bunch of people who fucking love it. And while it was frustrating, it wasn’t really surprising.

So here’s my message to Xenical (the creators of this commercial) and fat-hating society in general today: FUCK YOU, I’m fabulous. And even if that girl in your commercial can’t tie her own shoes (which I highly doubt is the case), she can still do all of those other things and more. Because life doesn’t stop when you’re fat. Fat people have all sorts of adventurous, mysterious, intriguing, and sexy lives. So again: FUCK YOU.