What I actually bought: Back to the Cute Life

Since getting a job and having two minor surgeries, I’ve found that while I don’t normally splurge on things for myself in my day-to-day life, I go BANANAS with my debit card when I’m in pain.

Last month, after a routine (well, every 5 years) IUD reinsertion, I splurged on both of Lime Crime’s Velvetines. I thought I would like Suedeberry better than Red Velvet, given my penchant for corals over true reds, but I have to say that RV is far and away my favorite of the two:

Last Friday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Here is a very attractive picture of me from immediately after the procedure. I could not fully feel my face until the following morning.

This time, I turned the bananas-level up a notch, from like, one bunch of bananas to two or three bushels of bananas. While on Vicodin (I keep saying this as if it absolves me from spending poorly), I purchased two wigs, some colored contact lenses, a pair of shoes, a new bra, some weird chicken cutlet push up thingies for said bra, and some heart-shaped sunglasses (that I literally forgot about until today).

So at the very least I have the basics for what promises to be a really awesome Halloween costume.

I’m very excited for this wig, not only because it was only $13.99, but because it is the exact color I have been trying to explain to my hair colorist for ages:

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Much of what I purchased I found for super cheap and is coming from faraway places. I will report back with regard to quality, etc. once they arrive in a month or so.

I’m also super excited to forget I bought all these things, so when they come in the mail it will be like surprise Christmas.

Next up: supporting cute fat art, and a seriousbusiness post about intersections of cute, fat, and queer.

Cute Crafting: Avatar Trinket Boxes

Icon Box03I’m a sucker for avatar generators of all kinds, especially when I can make my mini-me as cute & chubby as I am (I’m really into my BitStrips character right now because she’s super fat). Awhile back my boyfriend introduced me to the Square Face Icon Generator, which is pretty adorable–he uses his for all of his social media icons now. I had some free time today so I decided to follow their tutorial for making 3-d cubes out of your square. Click through for the adorable results & instructions: Continue reading


I created this blog when I started grad school as an addendum to my activist-oriented tumblr to talk about my research interests (fat identity politics, fashion, and media representations of fatness) in an accessible and academically rigorous way. I hoped margitteleah.com would be a testament to my professional and intellectual development, but as I eventually learned, it is incredibly difficult to work on several side projects, be involved in community organizing both locally and online, and do the work graduate school (and TAing) required of me. (Did I just master the art of the humblebrag?) While many of my projects flourished, this blog did not. It eventually became relegated to longer cross-posts from Riots Not Diets and occasional snippets of essays written for various grad courses (and I’ve been done with coursework now for over a year).

Clearly, things around here ought to change. And I’m excited about the prospect of doing something new, especially as I take on new hobbies and interests (like the indie polish company I started with my bff!). My vision for this blog is a place to catalogue my various adventures, projects, and ideas–like a quirky little lifestyle blog dedicated to fat babeliness and social justice. Lately I have half-jokingly, half-seriously taken on what I call the pursuit of The Cute Life. I have a lot of complicated feelings about cuteness, as a cultural construct with real-life consequences that is inextricably linked with youth and femininity, and also as a thing that describes a lot of stuff that I like. Continue reading