I created this blog when I started grad school as an addendum to my activist-oriented tumblr to talk about my research interests (fat identity politics, fashion, and media representations of fatness) in an accessible and academically rigorous way. I hoped would be a testament to my professional and intellectual development, but as I eventually learned, it is incredibly difficult to work on several side projects, be involved in community organizing both locally and online, and do the work graduate school (and TAing) required of me. (Did I just master the art of the humblebrag?) While many of my projects flourished, this blog did not. It eventually became relegated to longer cross-posts from Riots Not Diets and occasional snippets of essays written for various grad courses (and I’ve been done with coursework now for over a year).

Clearly, things around here ought to change. And I’m excited about the prospect of doing something new, especially as I take on new hobbies and interests (like the indie polish company I started with my bff!). My vision for this blog is a place to catalogue my various adventures, projects, and ideas–like a quirky little lifestyle blog dedicated to fat babeliness and social justice. Lately I have half-jokingly, half-seriously taken on what I call the pursuit of The Cute Life. I have a lot of complicated feelings about cuteness, as a cultural construct with real-life consequences that is inextricably linked with youth and femininity, and also as a thing that describes a lot of stuff that I like.

I have been told by many misguided people that feminists can’t love fashion or popular culture or makeup, that enjoying activities and things that are coded as ‘feminine’ means that I am just reproducing problematic gender norms. I very strongly disagree. I love tiny cakes and stickers and pastel colors, but I don’t consume these things uncritically.


My hope is that this blog will blossom into an interesting and fun pastiche of all the things that I love, from body politics and intersectional feminism to Rilakkuma and Things Mrs. Frizzle Would Wear. I will not shy away from the hard stuff, but I refuse to buy into the idea that I must be unconcerned with pretty things in order to be taken seriously.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to those of you who’ve stuck around in spite of the relative inactivity. I hope that you will continue to be invested in me and this blog.


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