Cute Crafting: Avatar Trinket Boxes

Icon Box03I’m a sucker for avatar generators of all kinds, especially when I can make my mini-me as cute & chubby as I am (I’m really into my BitStrips character right now because she’s super fat). Awhile back my boyfriend introduced me to the Square Face Icon Generator, which is pretty adorable–he uses his for all of his social media icons now. I had some free time today so I decided to follow their tutorial for making 3-d cubes out of your square. Click through for the adorable results & instructions:

  1. Go to the Square Face Cube Generator & design your avatar
  2. After saving the design to your computer, print it on heavy duty paper or card stock
  3. Cut it carefully and fold along the dashed line
  4. Glue the box together, or if you’re lazy like me, tape the sides with double-sided tape
  5. Take lots of cute pictures of your new boxes and then post them to your blog; find cute things to put in them like tiny sushi erasers
  6. Congratulations! You made some cute crafts!

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