Cute Life Accessories: My “once I get a job” fantasy shopping list

I am currently job searching, which can start to feel pretty soul-destroying after awhile. While I have a lot going on, and am putting in many hours at Plump, I am also daydreaming about the inevitable and irresponsible shopping spree that will follow my first paycheck once I am hired somewhere. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

These undies by indie lingerie-makerĀ Knickerocker, which vary in price from $10-56 and can be custom-made in larger sizes:

Red panties with pink hearts and mesh sides, $26

Kitty face panties with ears, $56

Kitty face panties with ears, $56


Pink unicorn and rainbow panties, $28

These Lime Crime lipsticks & OCC Lip Tar:

Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, $15.99

Lime Crime Babette, $15.99

OCC Lip Tar Queen, $18 (photo credit:

These leggings & bag from Re/Dress NYC:

Spacecat leggings, $34

Spacecat leggings, $34

Le Petit Modbag, $42

These pumps by BC Footwear:

In The Winner’s Circle, Black Cat, $70

In The Winner’s Circle, Dots, $70

In The Winner’s Circle, Coral, $70

and these ASOS Curve items:

ASOS Curve Midi Skirt In Pleated Floral Print, $67.88

ASOS Curve Exclusive Tailored Skater Skirt With Belt, $47.52

So, there you have it: some super cute things that I may or may not own someday. I know I’m not the only one who makes these kind of lists–what’s on yours right now?

2 thoughts on “Cute Life Accessories: My “once I get a job” fantasy shopping list

  1. May I say how this is exactly what I needed to read at this very moment!
    I too am job hunting and feeling absolutely like rubbish but e-window shopping and dreaming of my first paycheck.

    I am looking at all sorts of household items on Anthropologie, West Elm, and Etsy.

    • Window shopping always makes me feel better. I fill up my cart, see how outrageous the total is, and then ‘x’ out of the window completely… but somehow, it works!

      Hang in there, re: job searching. <3

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