How To: Host a Clothing Swap

tumblr_m6yw9atpiB1qjlpumo4_1280There are several reasons that I love fat clothing swaps. They are a great way to make new friends (if you aren’t too shy!) and change up your wardrobe at the same time. They are also usually a nice space to explore different style choices and get lots of compliments in a fabulously body-positive atmosphere. And, if you’re fat and sized out of most mall stores, plus-size swaps offer very important resources that you don’t usually have access to (namely, clothing that fits for Goodwill-prices or–better yet!–free).

Some swaps are huge and benefit important non-profits, like next week’s Big Fat Flea in NYC whose proceeds go to NOLOSE (and is less of a “swap” I guess, but is similar in purpose). Others are fancy affairs organized by fashion bloggers and activists with sponsors like Lush cosmetics (see 2011′s The Gold and the Beautiful for a great example of this). Local chapters of non-profit groups like NAAFA often hold swaps for their members. But my favorite kind of swap is the kind you do in your living room with 10-30 of your friends and several full-length mirrors.
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