What I actually bought: Back to the Cute Life

Since getting a job and having two minor surgeries, I’ve found that while I don’t normally splurge on things for myself in my day-to-day life, I go BANANAS with my debit card when I’m in pain.

Last month, after a routine (well, every 5 years) IUD reinsertion, I splurged on both of Lime Crime’s Velvetines. I thought I would like Suedeberry better than Red Velvet, given my penchant for corals over true reds, but I have to say that RV is far and away my favorite of the two:

Last Friday, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Here is a very attractive picture of me from immediately after the procedure. I could not fully feel my face until the following morning.

This time, I turned the bananas-level up a notch, from like, one bunch of bananas to two or three bushels of bananas. While on Vicodin (I keep saying this as if it absolves me from spending poorly), I purchased two wigs, some colored contact lenses, a pair of shoes, a new bra, some weird chicken cutlet push up thingies for said bra, and some heart-shaped sunglasses (that I literally forgot about until today).

So at the very least I have the basics for what promises to be a really awesome Halloween costume.

I’m very excited for this wig, not only because it was only $13.99, but because it is the exact color I have been trying to explain to my hair colorist for ages:

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Light brown wig from X&Y Angel on Amazon

Much of what I purchased I found for super cheap and is coming from faraway places. I will report back with regard to quality, etc. once they arrive in a month or so.

I’m also super excited to forget I bought all these things, so when they come in the mail it will be like surprise Christmas.

Next up: supporting cute fat art, and a seriousbusiness post about intersections of cute, fat, and queer.

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